Therapeutic Intervention for Harmful Sexual Behaviours – Inappropriate to Abusive

SASS facilitates the PAST Program - Prevention, Assessment, Support and Treatment, - which is focused on children and young people (aged 17 years and under) who are displaying Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB). HSB can range from inappropriate and problematic, through to abusive and violent behaviour.  

What is harmful sexual behaviour?

Sexual behaviours displayed by young people  that be inappropriate for their age or stage of development, or cause harm to themselves or others, are referred to as harmful sexual behaviours (HSB).

We work in conjunction with Mission Australia to deliver the PAST Program, to ensure there is a holistic approach to supporting a range of client needs. The program is offered state-wide. 

In conjunction with Mission Australia



The PAST Program operates state-wide and has two streams: (1) Therapeutic intervention, assessment and case management, and (2) Training for schools, educators and professionals. 

Therapeutic intervention, assessments and case management for individuals displaying HSB 

We administer a comprehensive, evidence based, trauma-informed assessment, to develop an intervention that is tailored to the child/young person’s needs. Together with Mission Australia we conduct risk assessments, safety planning and case management where necessary. SASS can also provide Secondary Consults as requested.

Our program centres around the following:PSB is usually because of power and control factors or self soothing reasons

  • Individual interventions tailored to specific needs
  • Creating Safety and Security
  • Sex Education and developing Healthy Relationships
  • Holistic Approach – working with family, carers and significant others connected to the young person
  • Multidisciplinary Approach – collaboration with Mission Australia and other services as required to coordinate service delivery, participation in team meetings, case conferencing and decision-making

As with all of SASS' work, safeguarding of children is paramount. 

We are currently accepting referrals into this free program for children and young people aged up to and including 17 years.  Referrals can be made by anyone including professionals, parents/carers or the young person themselves.

To inquire about this service please contact us on (03) 6231 0044 or via email You can also access further information by downloading our flyer (below). 


Training programs for schools, educators and organisations 

Our PAST Educators deliver group training for:

  • Schools (year 3 to 12)
  • School and Early Childhood Educators
  • Community organisations, businesses and government agencies that deliver support services for children and young people.

We have two new part-time PAST Educators who have recently joined our team at SASS, and an extensive program of training courses is being put together for 2022. Please keep watch on this website for further information, which will also be promoted through our newsletter and our Facebook page

PAST Training is provided under the funding grant from the Department of Communities Tasmania and is therefore offered at no charge.